Więcej Światła - spotkanie autorskie Junji Miyahary
Więcej Światła

Invention and innovation. How was the white lighting created? It focuses on the history of the development of various lighting methods associated with four innovations seeking to achieve daylight white light. A million years have passed since Homo erectus was discovered and the use of yellow light of fire (I innovation) to be used by us (homo sapiens) as white high-temperature gas lamps by the end of the 19th century (II innovation). This led to the rapid development of electric lamps, white fluorescent lamps (III innovation) and ultimately white LED lamps at the end of the 20th century (IV innovation). It can be expected that the V innovation will be associated with currently unknown mechanisms and will appear in the middle of the XXI century. Innovations in lighting have always led to changes in our daily lives, science, technology, industry, society and the environment. White light is a special color of our life.