Więcej Światła - spotkanie autorskie Junji Miyahary
Więcej Światła

The History of the Lighting originates from the invention of fire by Homo-Erectus 1 million years ago. But it was in the end of 19th centuries when the first White Lighting like sunlight in daytime was developed. From that time, there were 4 innovations of the white lighting, and now we are in the era of the 4th innovation of the White LED Lamp. It was the famous Newton who proved scientifically that the white color is made mixing with all colors in the sunlight by his Crucial Experiment in 1666. But C.Huygens immediately argued back against Newton why the white light can be made only mixing with blue and yellow light, to which Newton could not answer. At the beginning of 19th centuries, Goethe strongly criticized the Newton’s Theory because the vision of color cannot explain in Physics and depends on the human sensitivity itself. English painter Turner was deeply influenced with the Goethe’s Theory. In his later years, his painting style was changed from “realistic” to “impressive”. French painter Monet was strongly influenced by Turner’s “impressive” paintings and also the new Knowledge of Light and Color in Natural Science. After his stay in London, his painting style was extremely changed. This was the moment of the birth of IMPRESSIONISM in 1873. The new Knowledge of Light and Color in Natural Science are, such as, “Weber/Fechner’s Law” explaining the relationship between the intensity of stimulation and sensitivity, the Helmholtz’s Crucial Experiment proving the difference of three primary colors of light and paint, and the Maxwell’s quantification of colors of light and paint. An organic chemist Chevreul gave the most effective influence to the young painters. His “Visual Mixing Theory” explained the each colors next to another are mixed on retina and are recognized as the harmonized color in brain. According to his theory, painters can express the brighter color by putting two different colors next to each other than mixing with paints on his palette. That was the just method for young Impressionists, and especially Seurat created the POINTILIIISM. Thanks to Scientists and Impressionists in 19th centuries, we are now enjoying the colorful daily life with the color printed matter and the color display of LCD and others. By the way, the next 5th innovation of White Lighting is expected to appear in around 2050. The past 4 innovations were developed in the field of the traditional Natural Science based on Physics and Chemistry (Material Science). It is possible that the next innovation will appear in the field of new Natural Science based Information Science and Bio-Science, although it is fundamentally difficult for us, who are surrounded by current paradigm, to predict the details of the next innovation of the different paradigm in future.